Program Representatives

Harvard Medical School currently has 8 master's programs. Each program is represented by 1 or 2 program representatives who disseminate information on council events to their respective programs.

1. Adil Akhtar – Master's in Clinical Service Operations
2. Aishwarya Chander – Master's in Biomedical Informatics
3. Constantine Kosti – Master's in Bioethics
4. Dananjaya Cokorda Raka Gekko – Master's in Global Health Delivery
5. Fernando Morera – Master's in Clinical Service Operations
6. Ivan Gu – Master's in Biomedical Informatics
7. Kate Zhu – Master's in Immunology
8. Necrisha Roach – Master's in Healthcare Quality and Safety
9. Tay Boyd – Master's in Medical Education
10. Yu Feng Chan – Master's in Clinical Investigation