Image Collection

Never visited Harvard Medical School? Whether or not you have, these images are likely to offer you an additional perspective of our unique campus.

The entrance to Harvard Medical School
The fall colors are brilliant. The lack of passers-by noticeable – or not. How long did it take to set up this shot? Also, does the crosswalk sign add or detract from this image?

Bird's eye view of the Harvard Medical School Quad
Are those mini-houses on top of Warren Alpert? Huh.

Close-up of a painting in the New Research Building
I wonder if this is one of those inkblot tests. How much of abstract-type art can be a Rorschach test? I think I see ice cream/a chef’s hat. And a reflex hammer. And a napkin. What else?

Courtyard of the New Research Building
As of November 2021, you can find an image of this exact courtyard, from a different vantage point, on Wikipedia.
What makes an image better or worse? The lighting (and indirectly, time of day) can be one factor. There must be so much more though.

Ground-level view of a balcony in the New Research Building.
To answer your question, balcony, it’s quite hard – maybe impossible – to tell elevation from this photo.
If I were on a platform, and the surroundings slowly moved downwards, I might just think that’s because the platform is moving up.

Vanderbilt Hall in mid-November
There was a bird on a rock close by, jumping excitedly next to me. Sadly, I didn’t take that picture in time. He/she soon hopped into some grass and the resulting image was not as I envisioned.

Close-up of a doorway to the Armenise Building, with the Veritas shield in focus
I always imagine that this is the picture that would be on the lock screens of Harvard Medical School computers. Not Gordon Hall or the Windows 10 coastal arch, but this. Imagine that.

A staircase in the Warren Alpert Building
I’ve shown this picture to quite a few people by now. “Where’s the other half of the staircase,” many ask. There isn’t an “other half.” This really is a semicircular stairway.

Gordon Hall seen at night; the background is slightly blurry
Does Facilities leave out those lawn chairs? Or did somebody else bring out that many of the same kind? I don’t know (either). Yet another question for me to ponder.

A classroom in the Tosteson Medical Education Center
I flicked on the lights and boom, I saw the screen read “Hello.” (there wasn’t actually a boom. Not an audible one, at least.)
The text was quickly replaced and so this scene isn’t composed. Tables and chairs are as the previous class/group/users left it.

Busts of HMS faculty on a walkway above the atrium in the Tosteson Medical Education Center
What’s with the title? Oh, good question. This is the 4th floor, you see. Unrelated note: Take a look at the lower left corner.
(Bonus from the slideshow:) Unrelated unrelated note: I precisely maxed out the character limit for the previous and next images.

A bus of the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)
That faint, faraway tinge of blue is the Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) logo, lit up at night.
(Night photos of BCH – and the area, really – are surprisingly hard to come by online.) But back to the photo—I really like the dynamic essence of this image.